Warms Your Heart, Doesn’t It?

It’s currently blizzarding in Colorado, and as I sit here…staring out at the snowy mountains… I can’t help but smile when I read a story like this, courtesy of Reuters:

“BERLIN (Reuters) – German police arrested a man for drunk driving after he mistook a police spot check for a breakdown and stopped to help.

Officers inspecting a car by the roadside suspected the 37-year-old passing motorist was under the influence of alcohol when he lurched from his vehicle to offer assistance, police in the northwestern town of Bremen said Friday.”

Who knew Mel Gibson was vacationing in Germany over the holidays?




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4 responses to “Warms Your Heart, Doesn’t It?

  1. To tell you the truth, Mel Gibson needs to be on vacation … permanently.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself…

    The only real contribution he’s made to society is “Braveheart.” His pep talk in that movie still gives me the chills…

    Other than that, Mad Max should probably retire…

  3. Woah… Woah… Woah… you didn’t give him credit for “What Women Want.”

    Yeah, I saw it in the theater when I had a crush on Helen Hunt. What scientist didn’t following her oh-so-natural performance Twister?

  4. Umm…I believe you’re forgetting The Patriot, The Man Without a Face and Ransom.

    Don’t worry, Mel. Things will turn around.

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